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The demons of the Obsidian Grove value order, loyalty, and power above all else. Their days are harsh, but comfortably predictable. Whether they live in the badlands, the bamboo forests, or the misty moors of the eastern region of the Grove, survival and dominance are fundamental to a demon's existence. Very little is more satisfying to them than using their brute strength, regenerative abilities, and for some, mastery over elemental magic, to see where they stand in the hierarchy of power.

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Though all demons are unique, there are certain traits that apply to the majority of demons and define the type of culture they live in:











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Zaijin, the Berserker

It came as no surprise when Zaijin left the clan that claimed him at birth. He believed in the natural laws of strength and dominance just like most demons did, but his devotion to these truths far surpassed that of his brethren. Zaijin saw himself as a prince amongst demons, bestowed with a preternatural ferocity and potential that demanded he do more than simply climb the hierarchy of power within the established demonic clans. He set off on his own, eager to make his mark on the world, and it didn't take long for tales of his rebellious exploits to spread. Like moths to a flame, many were drawn to him, either as a challenger, or to join his marauding audience. After all, it had been many years since anyone had seen such a meteoric rise to prominence in the demonic realm. He soon became known as Zaijin, the Berserker. A warrior able to transform from a calm, capable leader into a terrifying, bloodthirsty performer in the blink of an eye.


Yashiro, the Nightstalker

Cast out from his clan for his weakness and cowardice, Yashiro was left to deal with the harsh, demon territory on his own. Most expected him to die, or perhaps take his own life, but neither came to be. Those who disowned him failed to realize that releasing Yashiro from the chains of demonic society would not demoralize him, but free him. He spent his days observing nature, mesmerized by how other animals, especially those that lacked raw power, hunted and stalked their prey. This unorthodox education gave rise to an understanding not only of how to tap into his own potential, but also into the simplicity of nature. There were no such things as honour or loyalty in the animal kingdom. All that mattered was survival. After years of honing his craft in solitude he emerged from the shadows, reborn, and offered his services as an assassin. For he was eager to prove that those at the bottom of the food chain would willingly trade away their lofty, demonic morals for a chance to be at the top.


Mizuno, the Seeker

Most denizens of the Obsidian Grove agree it is a strange, mysterious place and are content to accept it as such. But Mizuno always found this passive acceptance supremely unsatisfying. Why wouldn’t you want to know what lies beyond the Black Forest? Or where the Watchers came from? Or why demon and faerie eggs seem to appear randomly throughout the Grove? For Mizuno, the only thing that mattered was answers, and she was willing to give up the comforts and safety of a normal demonic life for the chance to uncover the endless secrets the Grove has to offer.


Goja, the Collector

Hidden away in a secluded, cliffside tower on the outskirts of the Blastlands, resides Goja, the Collector. Little is known about this enigmatic figure, but he is rumored to be a solitary eccentric who adorns the walls of his secret lair with trophies from exotic creatures and worthy foes he's hunted all around the Obsidian Grove. Most believe Goja is merely satisfying a perverse obsession, but others theorize that his unusual "hobby" is the secret behind his slowly mounting power. Regardless, they all share a single sentiment - he is a demon to despise and fear. For he has surpassed the need for clans and kinship, and his loyalty extends only to himself and his quest to add more pieces to his grotesque collection.


Kuroshi, the Bloodreaver

Around the nightly campfires, demons love to recount stories of their greatest warriors with pride. All but one. Even a whisper of his name leaves a tense silence in the air, as if mentioning him might summon the deadly spectre back to terrorize their lands. Kuroshi, the Bloodreaver, was never supposed to reach the pinnacle of their precious heirarchy of power. It was unheard of that someone using blood magic, the weakest of all demon magics, would attain such supremacy. Yet he did, and all skeptics who dared to challenge him were silenced one by one as he made an unprecedented and hellacious rise to the top. But not long after, the Bloodreaver vanished, leaving behind a wake of confusion and unease. Some say he fell prey to the powerful beasts at the heart of the demon territory. Others hoped he ventured into the Black Forest in search of a new frontier, never to return. But many fear he is simply in hiding, biding his time as he waits for a fresh, new pool of adversaries to strike down. One thing is for certain - should Kuroshi emerge from the shadows once more, it would alter the fate of the Obsidian Grove forever.

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