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Despite being quite varied in their appearances, most faeries of the Obsidian Grove are similar in their playful, mischievous, and curious personalities. They’ve made a home for themselves in the lush forests and deep waters of the western area of the Grove where their agility, manipulation, and illusionary magic are used to their best advantage. Life for them is a game that never ends, and they are constantly seeking out new victims to satiate their desire for constant novelty and entertainment.

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Though all faeries are unique, there are certain traits that apply to the majority of faeries and define the type of culture they live in:











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There are six subtypes of faeries that have taken on distinct physical characteristics:







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Eldmyrr, the Keeper

It's not that faeries were incapable of remembering anything, it's that for the most part, they simply didn't feel the need to. If it wasn't relevant to the games they were playing, they would cast it from their minds like flower petals tossed to the wind. And besides, why would they rely on their own memory when they had faeries such as Eldmyrr? This peculiar old faun had been around for centuries, and most importantly, remembered nearly all that he'd seen and heard. The only difficulty lied in reaching him. Using his crafty imagination and power over nature, Eldmyrr hid himself deep within a thriving, verdant lair to trick and test any who wished to see him. For despite his age, he was far from done playing games, and was always interested in seeing who possessed enough resilience and cunning to reach him, and what sort of questions they'd bring along.


Ynri, the Trickster

Anything, when taken to its extremes, has the potential to become dangerous and wicked. Even the virtues of curiosity and playfulness can turn dark when placed in the wrong hands. And there is nobody better to showcase this than Ynri, the Trickster. She is the manifestation of everything sinister hidden in the hearts of faeries. Like a cat that tortures a mouse under the pretense of a meal, but instead leaves the corpse behind to rot. To her, the best toys are ones that can scream, cry, or beg, and the best tricks are ones that are at another's expense - whether that be causing petty annoyances or casting the die on their life.


Vael, the Feyprince

Recognized at birth for his raw potential, Vael was crowned Feyprince without question. Though despite this title, Vael was never acknowledged as a true ruler. Faeries have never seen any value in authority, and very little will distract them from selfishly living out their lives exactly as they please. Still, Vael knew he had something most faeries did not - patience and foresight. He was content with waiting until the right moment to use circumstance and power to unite the faeries under his name and conquer the Obsidian Grove once and for all.


Ophelia, the Whisper

Winding her way through the interconnected waterways of the faerie rivers and lakes is Ophelia, the Whisper. She is well known for her uncanny insight into the inner workings of the Grove, for she seems to have her finger on the pulse of nearly every sentient creature that travels through her domain. Because of this, many seek out Ophelia to obtain information, guidance, or simply to relieve themselves of whatever is weighing on their mind. In exchange for her consultation, she asks only for whatever news they have to spare. However, this simple trade is rarely as innocuous as it first appears, for a string of bad luck can often be traced back to a certain siren with a sweet smile and deadly sparkle in her eyes. Despite this, nobody has ever managed to prove that she was the source of their misfortunes, even if their intuition screams it. It's only then do they realize that Ophelia has been playing a game of her own that they can never hope to beat her at.


Celeste, the Devoted

Despite having a notorious craving for novelty, faeries will still find themselves repeatedly drawn to a certain type of game. For some, this means risking life and limb to catch glimpses of the most elusive and dangerous creatures in the faerie lands. For others, excitement is only found through engaging demons in battle at the border territory, changing their targets and attack patterns to sustain the thrill. But for Celeste, the only worthwhile pursuit was chasing spectacular romantic experiences. Getting a kiss from a shy siren, watching the full moons rise over the Yenith Peaks, or dancing under the blushbloom trees in spring were all diversions that brought her seemingly boundless joy. But this changed after one fateful encounter with a handsome dryad. She had been wading in a stream when he emerged from the trees and came to drink from the water. His haughty demeanor, princely posture, and aura of incredible power completely enchanted her. He didn't acknowledge her at all during the brief meeting, but that didn't matter. Nothing could stop the spark of obsession that he had unwittingly alighted in her. From that moment on, all other interests were abandoned, and the only game that interested Celeste now was finding a way to stay by his side.

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Orbicular Mawfish

Amongst the softly glowing anemone, the Orbicular Mawfish patiently waits. It ignores the smaller prey drawn to its bioluminescent lure, as it prefers a more substantial meal. And once one ventures close enough, the Orbicular Mawfish will unhinge its massive jaws and shoot forward, clamping down on the head of its larger foe and dragging the body back into the murky shadows.

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Slowly, almost leisurely, the Fossilius drifts along the bottom of Lake Llonash. Near blind and with an ancient, cumbersome body, they are languid hunters. As such, the Fossilius use their multiple, retractable tentacles to scavenge for remnants of other fish and crustaceans on the lake floor. But be warned, on occassion these tentacles will affix themselves to the living, and only death can release their grasp.

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Torpid Sucklefish

With thin, vestigial fins, maneuvering through the waters of Lake Llonash is a difficult task for the Torpid Sucklefish. Instead, it uses its prehensile tail to cling to sea plants, moving carefully from stalk to stalk. It is in these underwater forests the Torpid Sucklefish searches for the easiest of prey - soft eggs and larvae left hidden and unattended, sucked up whole through its elongated, equine snout.

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