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The Obsidian Grove is home to a multitude of various flora, fauna, and sentient creatures. In this ecologically diverse realm, five factions have each claimed an area to call their own. Demons, faeries, and humans each have their own territory in the east, west, and south areas of the Grove respectively. The rare, alien Watchers live solitarily in their secret lairs, uncaring of whose territory they are in. Lastly, the Guardians make their home in the Black Forest, an impenetrable mass of trees that surround the perimeter of the Obsidian Grove like an ocean that cannot be crossed and whose depths are unknown. To learn more about each faction’s traits, culture, and environment, choose one below:

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Learn more about the Obsidian Grove though the human folktales passed down from generation to generation.

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This human folktale describes the first hunter of ancient times - a human man named Garon, who was as ruthless and thoughtless as an animal, using only his bare hands and wits to catch his prey and devour it. However, through an encounter with three mysterious entities, he learns how to honour the hunt with elegance and dignity.

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This human folktale recounts the strange tale of Nyx and Lyssa, the ill-fated sisters who became the two moons that now grace the skies of the Obsidian Grove.

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