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Bahmit, the Shepherd


Along the edges of the Obsidian Grove grows the impenetrable Black Forest - an endless expanse of dark, twisting trees that few dare to even set foot in. For if you do, something inexplicable takes hold in your mind, eroding your grip on reality. Still, some try to find a way inside, chasing rumours of secret corridors where this force has less power. It is in one of those weakened pathways that Bahmit patrols. Nimbly he navigates the gnarled trees searching for those who foolishly enter his territory, his massive frame never hindering his frightening speed. Though most flee at the sight of his brother, Amsu, some find the nerve to sneak past him. It is those that Bahmit takes great delight in chasing down and putting the fear of the Forest into them.



Dear Jacob,

My trade with the southern tribes has been successful and I shall be returning to Torrin soon. As your contacts told you, the tribespeople were very interested in the fabrics I brought. Despite their simplistic living, they have quite an advanced aesthetic taste.

I intend to stay a few days longer as there is something out here that has peaked my rather morbid curiosity. I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but these people have what they call “shamans” who willingly enter the Black Forest! What they are looking for, they will not tell me, but in my time amongst them, they did share some fascinating tales with me.

The most intriguing of these stories are about what they call "Guardians", which are ancient beings that roam inside the Black Forest. I find the way they describe them to be exceptionally unusual - it's almost as if they believe these Guardians are extensions of the Forest itself, instead of creatures that merely inhabit it. They cannot be reasoned with or understood like creatures of flesh in blood, and the villagers seem to hold these Guardians in a reverent fear. I am chilled by the stories of one Guardian in particular that they have named “Bahmit”. They describe it as a monstrous wolf with a skull-like face that is as tall as the trees themselves. The story becomes even more wonderfully farfetched when they add that this giant being can move near silently through the trees, despite its massive frame.

The shamans seem particularly perturbed by this Bahmit as it is very active in removing intruders from the Black Forest. They all seem to agree that if you so much as imagine that you caught a glimpse of it, you must turn around and leave the Forest immediately. I’m not sure if I could willingly expose my back to such a creature, but they say getting caught in its gaze it is a fate worse than death. Its vacant, spiral-shaped eyes will etch an indescribable fear into you, and your mind will never be the same again. What is perhaps even more unsettling is they say on occasion Bahmit will step out of the forest and into our lands to give chase to something that does not belong. I know these are just tales, but being out here has stirred my imagination in ways I haven't felt in a long time. Even contemplating what might exist in our lands to incur the wrath of the Forest sends a chill down my spine.

I am eager to share more of these tales with you when I return, they should keep us entertained for weeks. Until then, take care, my friend.





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