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Rak'Xil, the Witness


While nearly all Watchers prefer a solitary life sequestered away in their private lairs, there is one that defies this trend. The denizens of the Obsidian Grove know him as Rak'Xil, the Witness - a lone, statuesque figure that seems to do nothing but roam, uncaring of whose territory he passes through or what troublesome terrain he must traverse. The only hint of sentience are two bright eyes that move independently between eye sockets on each of his four masks, though nobody is certain of what he's looking at or why. Even the most curious of onlookers find it difficult to observe him for long. Rak'Xil's uncanny form instills a great sense of unease, and his stilted stride never ceases for a moment as he continues alone in his endless march.



If you are interested in gathering some artifacts of Rak'Xil for your collection, below are a few we have to offer in our humble shop:

"Rak'Xil, the Witness"

4.13" x 5.83" (10.5cm x 14.8cm) Mini Print

$10.00 CAD / $8.00 USD

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