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Remus, the Scholar


It was obvious at a young age that Remus would never be suited for farm life. He would study wild plants instead of feeding chickens, was more interested in experimenting with herbal recipes than tending to crops, and always looked forward to the evenings when his father would use the Scriptures to teach him how to read and write. Unwilling to stunt Remus' academic potential, his parents sent him to live with his uncle and aunt in the capital city of Torrin to receive the best education available. There Remus flourished, his curious and active mind filled to the brim with whatever knowledge he could get his hands on. But being so well-read came with a price, for it allowed him to make connections that most would never consider, let alone question. And when those questions were aimed at the highest sources of authority - the King and the Church - Remus had unwittingly put himself in a more dangerous position than he could have ever imagined.



If you are interested in gathering some artifacts of Remus for your collection, below are a few we have to offer in our humble shop:

"Remus, the Scholar"

4.13" x 5.83" (10.5cm x 14.8cm) Mini Print

$10.00 CAD / $8.00 USD

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