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Yashiro, the Nightstalker


Cast out from his clan for his weakness and cowardice, Yashiro was left to deal with the harsh, demon territory on his own. Most expected him to die, or perhaps take his own life, but neither came to be. Those who disowned him failed to realize that releasing Yashiro from the chains of demonic society would not demoralize him, but free him. He spent his days observing nature, mesmerized by how other animals, especially those that lacked raw power, hunted and stalked their prey. This unorthodox education gave rise to an understanding not only of how to tap into his own potential, but also into the simplicity of nature. There were no such things as honour or loyalty in the animal kingdom. All that mattered was survival. After years of honing his craft in solitude he emerged from the shadows, reborn, and offered his services as an assassin. For he was eager to prove that those at the bottom of the food chain would willingly trade away their lofty, demonic morals for a chance to be at the top.



If you are interested in gathering some artifacts of Yashiro for your collection, below are a few we have to offer in our humble shop:

"Yashiro, the Nightstalker"

4.13" x 5.83" (10.5cm x 14.8cm) Mini Print

$10.00 CAD / $8.00 USD

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