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Zis'Thulas, the Manipulator


Under the dark blanket of night, the true believers gather. They circle around the sacred fire, dancing and chanting, their shadows writhing to mimic the tentacled visage of their god. Then one of them speaks, his eyes darkly vacant, and all moan in ecstasy to hear the words of their saviour coming from the lips of the devoted servant. He asks if his demands were met, and they scramble to prove they have obeyed his every command. They do not dare question his strange requests, as all know what happens to dissenters. They have watched in awe and horror as the bodies of the unfaithful turn black and their free will is stripped, forced to mindlessly march towards the Black Forest and never return. But to those who are obedient, Zis'Thulas rewards. For his web of influence extends to all corners of the Obsidian Grove, and he knows just what threads to tie together for the benefit of his most devoted acolytes.



If you are interested in gathering some artifacts of Zis'Thulas for your collection, below are a few we have to offer in our humble shop:

"Zis'Thulas, the Manipulator"

4.13" x 5.83" (10.5cm x 14.8cm) Mini Print

$10.00 CAD / $8.00 USD

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