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Tucked away in the southern corner of the Obsidian Grove surrounded by walls of mountains, blankets of forests, and wide open meadows, live the humans. Some have made their home in tribal villages along the outskirts of the human territory, living simply and in harmony with nature. Others prefer the great city of Torrin, where human ingenuity is always on display. No matter where they live, humans are known to be clever, adaptable, and ambitious, constantly growing their collective knowledge as they pass their learnings on to the next generation. These qualities are both a blessing and a curse, for they are always willing to risk the safety of the status quo if it means an opportunity to advance their own kind.



Though all humans are unique, there are certain traits that apply to the majority of humans and define the type of culture they live in:













Learn more about the various flora and fauna of the human territory by perusing their extended journal entries and notes:

  • Starry Bear

  • Sunswirl Beetle

  • Heritor Owl



There are many tales about the humans of the Obsidian Grove and we are doing our best to begin compiling them. Below is a collection of stories and folktales for you to enjoy at your leisure:

"Trail of Myth"

With wild boars encroaching close to her village, Anneka sets out into the forest to investigate and thin out the herd. Though what she finds may prove to be a much bigger threat than she ever imagined.


Urien must face his past, present, and future decisions as he faces off against an old nemesis.

"Heralds of the Hunt"

This human folktale describes the first hunter of ancient times - a human man named Garon, who was as ruthless and thoughtless as an animal, using only his bare hands and wits to catch his prey and devour it. However, through an encounter with three mysterious entities, he learns how to honour the hunt with elegance and dignity.



Anneka, the Huntress

Nheo, the Vagabond

Oro, the Barbarian

Yuna, the Astral Seer

Marius, the Inquisitor

Remus, the Scholar

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