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Lore Library

Welcome! Please, do come in.

We see you are interested in our collection of findings concerning the Obsidian Grove. Go ahead! Everything we have gathered is free for you to peruse.

There are paintings, sketches, notes, stories, folktales, and whatever else we managed to get our hands on.

The Obsidian Grove is quite the mystery that we are only beginning to piece together. We cannot even be certain that what we've found so far is true. Still, it is a start, and we will have to cross-reference and edit as we continue to learn more.

However, one thing we are certain of are the five types of creatures that live in the Obsidian Grove. As such, we will be using them as the main categories to sort our findings.

May what we have found whet your appetite and keep your imagination captivated.

Obsidian Grove






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