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Lamentum Cicada Pin

Lamentum Cicada Pin

“In its search for sustenance, the Lamentum Cicada will travel alone under the darkness of night. When it finds a suitable carcass, it will let out a strange, high picked hum to alert others in the area that food has been found. It is then the hum begins to sound more like a cacophony of screams, as hundreds of Cicadas descend on what remains of the dead.”


Zinc alloy, gold plated hard enamel pin depicting the Lamentum Cicada. Includes two black rubber enclosures on the back.


Size: 2" (5 cm) on the longest edge.

Your product will be processed and ready to ship within 5-10 business days. Estimated shipping time is around 2-3 weeks for North American orders and 4-6 weeks for International orders.


International Orders: You are responsible for paying any taxes/customs/duties upon receiving the items bought. These extra charges are not included in our price.

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