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"Molai, the Fungal Shield" - Mini Print

"Molai, the Fungal Shield" - Mini Print

"It is said that the Obsidian Grove has a distinct pulse; a unique, organic rhythm only felt and understood by nature itself. This harmonious song remained unchanged for thousands of years, but then the soft rumblings of a discordant sound began to play, indicating a subtle shift in this delicate balance. At first, nothing was done. Nature usually has a way of self-correcting disharmony. However, this dark, alien melody continued to grow, becoming too loud to simply ignore. And so, the Black Forest responded. Its answer was Molai, the Fungal Shield. A champion forged by the will of the Forest and given a form more akin to man than any other Guardian before him. His purpose was simple - investigate, and if necessary, exterminate the foreign threat. With his commands set he left his birthplace, embarking on a mission that few would ever know was happening, but would leave a lasting impact on every single creature of the Grove should he fail."


Printed on semi-gloss 16pt thick postcard stock.


Prints are individually packaged in acid-free poly bags before being put into a sturdy, stay-flat mailer for safe shipping.



- 4.13" x 5.83"  (10.5cm x 14.8cm)

Your product will be processed and ready to ship within 5-10 business days. Estimated shipping time is around 2-3 weeks for North American orders and 4-6 weeks for International orders.


International Orders: You are responsible for paying any taxes/customs/duties upon receiving the items bought. These extra charges are not included in our price.

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