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"Ynri, the Trickster" - Mini Print

"Ynri, the Trickster" - Mini Print

"Anything, when taken to its extremes, has the potential to become dangerous and wicked. Even the virtues of curiosity and playfulness can turn dark when placed in the wrong hands. And there is nobody better to showcase this than Ynri, the Trickster. She is the manifestation of everything sinister hidden in the hearts of faeries. Like a cat that tortures a mouse under the pretense of a meal, but instead leaves the corpse behind to rot. To her, the best toys are ones that can scream, cry, or beg, and the best tricks are ones that are at another's expense - whether that be causing petty annoyances or casting the die on their life."


Printed on semi-gloss 16pt thick postcard stock.


Prints are individually packaged in acid-free poly bags before being put into a sturdy, stay-flat mailer for safe shipping.



- 4.13" x 5.83"  (10.5cm x 14.8cm)

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