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Faerie White Logo.png

Welcome to the Faerie Faction!


Expect your first few days in the lush, forested faerie territory to be quite overwhelming. Faeries love novelty, and a new face is something that absolutely cannot be missed. However, after the initial excitement wears off, most of them will lose interest in you and wander off, returning to what they were doing before.


But don't take this personally! Most faeries aren't trying to be cruel, they simply have shorter attention spans. Their enthusiasm will return as soon as you offer a fresh game to play or new stories to tell. The wonderful thing about faeries is that when you do manage to catch their attention, they will happily immerse themselves in whatever you're offering.


When in the company of faeries, you will have to get used to being quick on your feet - both literally and figuratively. Faeries do not spend a lot of time contemplating anything - if they want to do something, they simply get up and do it. Faeries tend not to trouble themselves with regrets of the past or worries of the future. Their ability to live fully in the present, leaping joyfully from moment to moment, is one of their most admirable qualities.


That said, the downside to this mentality is the tendency to be quite selfish. Faeries are not likely to apologize should they accidentally, or sometimes intentionally, ruin your fun while they are single-mindedly absorbed in their own pursuits. The best defense a faerie has against this sabotage from their own kind is to formulate clever rules of engagement. For even though the faerie territory seems like a cacophony of chaos, you'll find that there is a twisted sense of order that can only be understood once you realize that everything is a game, and even the wildest of games have rules.

Traits: Mischievous, Playful, Energetic

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Demon White Logo.png

Welcome to the Demon Faction!


As a new demon, the first order of business will be determining where you stand in the hierarchy of power. Your status will dictate how other demons interact with you and what role you will play in their world.


After that, you must find a clan. Demons value strength above all else, and if you can offer that in spades while respecting the pecking order, you will have no trouble finding a clan that will accept you. Though demons prioritize physical prowess, there are many kinds of strength, and they fully recognize that clans need more than just capable fighters. No matter what expertise you bring to the table, the expectation is that you will dedicate your time and effort into honing your skills in your chosen profession.


When you're ready to join a clan, remember to choose carefully. No demon wants a traitor in their midst, even a powerful one. To join a clan is to embrace a pact of loyalty, as demons are very suspicious of those who do not show devotion to anyone beyond themselves. If you don't wish to join a clan, then be prepared to be treated as an outsider that can never be fully trusted. You'll need to be able to look after yourself if you choose this path, as friendships with other demons will be few and far between.


As you might have guessed, the demonic life is a simple one, but has the potential to be very fulfilling. They find comfort and security knowing that their purpose is to bring honour to their clan through their individual efforts. The only change they readily accept is shifts in the hierarchical order as demons rise and fall. But if you're willing to devote yourself to this orderly and disciplined life, then you'll always have the respect and comradery of your fellow demons.


Traits: Loyal, Focused, Principled

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Human White Logo.png

Welcome to the Human Faction!


As part of the most diverse faction of the Obsidian Grove, you will have no trouble finding somewhere to fit in and make new friends. Whether you're enjoying a simple, natural life in the remote forest villages or keeping up with the cutting edge of human progress in the capital city of Torrin, there are no shortages of exciting places to explore and interesting people to meet.


At first glance the human faction doesn't seem particularly powerful or interesting, but you may want to think twice before making those sorts of assumptions. More than any other faction, humans have the capacity to adapt and evolve. For better or worse, they are never satisfied with the status quo, and their courage and ambition will keep them reaching for ever greater heights.


However, if there is a collective downfall of the humans, it is found in their greed. The desire to always expand and push the limits of what is possible often comes at a price. You can always leave it to a human to poke the sleeping dragon.


The best way to enjoy your new life with other humans is to find a community where you can learn, grow, and support others in their pursuits. Constructing a positive feedback loop between the individual and the collective will be the most rewarding both for you and humanity as a whole.


Traits: Inventive, Adventurous, Ambitious

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Guardian White Logo.png

Welcome to the Guardian Faction!


You will likely feel a little disoriented when you first arrive, as you won't receive a typical welcoming. After all, Guardians simply aren't able to "talk" like other factions do. Instead, they engage in a special form of nonverbal communication where thoughts and feelings are transmitted directly in a language that is innate to all creatures, but largely forgotten by those who rely too much on using clumsy words.


You will also find that Guardians travel through life in a very intuitive and instinctual way. Like water running down a stream, or a leaf blowing in the wind, they prefer to go with the flow. They are usually content in merely observing the cosmic drama unfold, all while understanding that the trials and tribulations of the day-to-day are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.


However, this does not mean that Guardians are totally passive. The one rule that they abide by is maintaining the border between the Black Forest and the Obsidian Grove, and they will achieve this through force if they have to. They strongly believe that these are two very different worlds that must never be allowed to contaminate each other, as it could upset the balance in ways that nature cannot fix on her own.


While Guardians come in many shapes and sizes, they all exhibit an ancient wisdom and attunement to the rhythm of nature, especially that of their home - the Black Forest. Between this deep, hermetic connection and their slow, contemplative energy it can make it appear like the Guardians are immovable, stoic, and cold. But if you take the time to observe them closely, you'll see in their simple, daily behaviours how much they truly care for the world around them and how much kindness and love they have to offer.


Traits: Wise, Enduring, Patient

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Watcher White Logo.png

Welcome to the Watcher Faction!


... Admittedly that is a strange introduction, as unlike other factions, Watchers rarely connect or collaborate with each other. The likelihood of another Watcher introducing themselves to you is next to none.


Most Watchers enjoy a solitary lifestyle in their chosen lairs. Though most prefer not to be seen, some let their location be known and leave it up to others to decide whether they'll brave the dangerous trek to visit or not. How much interaction you have with others will be entirely up to you, and will highly depend on your personal agenda.


For all Watchers seem to have some sort of an agenda. They are forever scheming, planning, and doing whatever maneuvering is necessary to achieve their chosen ends. What they desire, however, varies greatly. And though they like to appear aloof, all their plans typically involve other "lesser" beings, whether that be using them as chess pieces for political machinations, basking in the attention and worship of devotees, or simply viewing them as a form of ceaseless entertainment and occasional company.


More than any other faction, the Watchers are the most alien to the Obsidian Grove. They don't quite belong and never will, but they don't let this fact trouble them. Their peculiarity and eccentricity are strengths to be harnessed and allow them to impact the world around them in ways no other faction can.


Traits: Secretive, Intelligent, Observant

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